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Top LED Lights was establish in 2009, it is located in Albany, Auckland.

Our company is selling LED bulbs and LED strips that are commonly used in both commercial and residential.

Top LED Lights Ltd was originally a retail shop based in North Shore, Auckland. The company was then expand its business into a wholesales company. Even though we are a wholesaler, we still welcoming walk-in customers for bulk selling.

We importing our products directly from our suppliers in China and Taiwan, we monitored closely to the products we ordered, to ensure a timely services to our clients in New Zealand, and to ensure its quality met our expectation. We focus more on its qualities as well as the values to our customers

Here in our office we have our own work station, we provide one stop services to our clients by assemble LED strips into the aluminium extrusion and diffuser, we joint and cut the LED strips based on our customers’ desire, and sold it as a whole unit. Most importantly there is no additional fee for these services.